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Upgrade your car with quality lift kits in Victoria, TX

You don't have to settle for a car that rides too close to the ground. You can add height to your vehicle by installing a body or suspension lift kit. South Texas Performance is an automotive shop in Victoria, TX that provides lift kit installation services. We can help you choose the right option for your vehicle so you can get the style and performance you want.

Body lift kits can raise your car a few inches, giving you extra clearance without changing the way your car feels while driving. If you want extra height, suspension lift kits can go as high as you want.

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Why use a lift kit?

Why use a lift kit?

Lift kits are one of the most immediately recognizable modifications you can make to your car. While they look cool, they also have several other perks, including:

  • Giving your car extra clearance to make it over hills and bumps
  • Helping your ride feel smooth regardless of the terrain
  • Allowing you to install bigger wheels and tires for style or function

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